Friday, October 23, 2009

QNAP & opensource MP3 streaming

Allow me to introduce my next hobby project:

For the moment this seems to be the easiest solution, since we already have a QNAP TS-439 NAS hooked up in our network.

What our QNAP currently does:

  • Hosts 2TB of storage
  • Hosts all our media (pictures, movies, music, documents)
  • Shares a USB printer over the network
  • UPnP connection to PS3 (for our movie viewing pleasure)
  • iTunes Server

We also rigged our new house with speaker wires and cat5e cables for a future multisource/multiroom solution (NuVo Essentia). A Squeezebox can be hooked up as a source if needed. It comes with a wireless remote, LCD included, to select songs and playlists.

Another good thing is that the Logitech Squeezecenter (formerly known as SlimServer) is opensource. There are opensource clients available for nearly all platforms, check out SoftSqueeze for example, their site lists other clients as well.

I also found some Java code that demonstrates how to connect to the music server. Maybe my next Android project? ;-)

Anyone want to share other solutions?

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