Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I always thought that Linksys was a good brand for network devices since it is a division of Cisco and all. But I recently started doubting that.

My first WRT54G v1.0 router's power adapter died some year ago (at that time I thought the router died, so I bought a new one). Until yesterday I've been unable to find a simple replacement adapter. I called Linksys, they send me to a retailer and the retailer said that Linksys didn't sell seperate power adapters (that's customer support).

Yesterday I finally ordered a replacement adapter through e-bay from a store in Hong Kong.

Why all this trouble you say? Well, I'm using a second WRT54G v5.1 ever since and I recently came to the conclusion that the official firmware SUCKS! Not only did it take Linksys 10+ months to fix a UPnP bug, the subnets you can choose from are limited and once in a while our internet connection drops and we have to powercycle the router in order to get back online.

So, when the new power adapter arrives, my v1.0 router is going to be DD-WRTinized!

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