Friday, November 6, 2009

Experimental Successes

Got around to play with some soft & hardware experiments, the ones I blogged about earlier:

1) Flashing my WRT54G LinkSys router:

I received my new power adapter some weeks ago and succeeded in flashing my router with DD-WRT firmware. First attempt with latest DD-WRT release didn't work, a second attempt with a lower version did the trick.
It froze on me after flashing. At first I thought it bricked (leds kept blinking), but resetting it somehow fixed it.
Updating to the latest version was painless.

2) QNAP NAS Squeezecenter:

4 words: fast simple audio streaming. Tested it with PC player and Mac player, fooled around with some Android remote controls (Squeezer and Sqeezecontrol) that worked as advertised.
I also was pleasantly surprised that you could select online radio stations by location; Studio Brussels and some other Belgian radio stations were all listed.