Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashing The Proximus Magic

If you want to start flashing other roms on your Proximus Magic, then follow the next steps to enable custom rom flashing:

1) Install a custom recovery image:
Follow Amon_RA's recovery guide, or..

alternatively, and more easy IMO, you could use the FlashRec application (if exploit is not yet fixed on your magic). This app lets you flash Amon_RA's recovery image (or any recovery image) to your phone without having to install Android SDK. You just download Amon_RA's recovery image (for 32A) and put it on your SD card so the app can select the recovery image.
If you start the FlashRec app, first make a backup of your standard recovery image (press 'Backup' button). Then type in the location and filename of Amon_RA's recovery. For example, if you put it in the root of your SD card, you should type /sdcard/recovery-RA-sapphire-1.5.2H.img, if the path and filename are correct the 'Flash Recovery' button should become enabled.

Tip: rename the recovery file to something simple, like recov.img, more keyboard friendly ;-)

You can boot into recovery mode by powering down your phone and restart it by holding both 'Home' & 'Power' buttons until the phone vibrates once. Once in recovery mode you can make a nandroid backup of your current rom. I strongly advise you make a backup before flashing any other rom, this way you can always restore the original rom if things go wrong.

2) Install an engineer SPL:
This step is normally not required to flash roms that are made for your current radio version (v3.22). However, if you want to flash newer radio images (required for the latest roms and most likely also for the latest Android versions) this step is required.

- Download the 1.33.2009 ENG SPL update image, and put in on your phone's SDCard.

- Power down the phone and boot into recovery mode by holding both 'Home' & 'Power' buttons until the phone vibrates once.

- From the recovery menu select 'Apply sdcard zip', select the SPL update file.

- After update, press 'Green' key & reboot your phone (notice that the screen will say "Formatting cache:...", don't wait, if the recovery menu appears select 'reboot'.

If you completed both steps, you can flash any rom, radio or SPL through fastboot or by using the custom recovery rom.

Happy flashing!

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